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When I started to work with Bret, he focused on working with my ability. He gave me a baseline. Now, I slow down to go faster, and I could not be happier with the results.
Dee Allen Woodward
I really like what you are doing and think this should do real good for you and the industry.
Bob Feist
I really just wanted to say thanks. I have gotten more from this website than any roping website I’ve seen. Totalteamroping.com is worth every penny and in the long run will save you a lot of money.
David Elkins
I am totally enjoing the TTR website and the instuction it provides. I am a retired veterinarian, and am still hoping to improve my game. Two weeks ago I won the Ontario Roping finals here in Ontario.
Pete, from Canada
TotalTeamRoping.com works. It works for me every time I rope, no matter if it is in the practice pen or at the World Series Roping Finals. I had FUN and I WON, but it’s not just about the money.
Randy Brooks

Meet Our Team

Bret Beach – Team Roping Champion

Bret, co-founder of TotalTeamRoping.com is a 3-time qualifier in the National Finals Rodeo, twice for Heading and once for Heeling. His Bob Fest Invitational win has been his favorite overall achievement.

Through his lifetime love of the Team Roping sport, Bret decided that training should be available to everyone. Normally, in order to train with the best, you go to a 2-3 day training school. Now, that knowledge can come to you over the internet so you can learn at your own pace, in your own environment, and at your own level. Not only that, but you can now train from ALL of the top instructors and World Champions in the sport.

Bret, currently living in Boerne, Texas, actually grew up in Gilbert, Arizona and has been competing as long as he can remember. His first competition was when he was 6 years old. 45 years later he is still humbled and gracious about all the professionals and competitors he knows and has made true friendships with over the years.

His boys are both featured as students in some of TTR’s first training videos. With Bret being an expert instructor in both heading/heeling, they don’t have far to go to get plenty of great advice! Now, we all know that every once in a while there is a break in the action and when that occurs Bret likes hunting deer and elk as well as fishing.

Charles Pogue – Team Roping Champion

Charles has been a Heading Pro since 1987. He has been a 3-time BFI Champion and has qualified for the NFR 15-times. He considers his Dad, Bill Pogue, to be his greatest influence.

Bill actually built an indoor arena in Ringling, Oklahoma, where Charles grew up and still lives. Growing up around rodeo all your life just makes it a natural for you to start young and Charles started working on his skills at the age of 8. Throughout high school and college he knew Team Roping was going to be his life-long passion and that’s been his focus ever since. Pogue is part of the Prairie Circuit, a PRCA circuit that covers Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

Pogue’s high level of mental focus is what makes him stand out as one of the Headers to watch and learn from. He’ll work on specific skills and hone in on how to improve each and every time he comes out of the chute. Like all of our instructors, his love of learning is a journey and he always continues to learn, improve, perfect, and pass his tips and techniques along to others. Charles always believes in challenging yourself, as much fundamentally as mentally.

Charles and his wife have two children. You’ll probably see both parents at any time cheering their kids on at their sporting events. The oldest may become a part of the Team Roping sport as well, according to Dad has started a little riding and roping , but time will only tell!

Charles actually interviewed for his bio while he was out elk hunting so it stands to reason that this is a major pastime when he’s not out Team Roping (he also enjoys mule deer hunting as well).

Guest Instructors

I grew up in Caldwell, TX with my parents, Kenneth & Linda Key. I have one sister, Kris Walker. I live in Stephen, TX with my wife Josey & two boys, Kase & Kooper. I high school & college rodeoed. I was the College National Finals Rodeo Team Roping Champion in 1988 when attending Tarelton University. I also won the 1988 NIRA Southwest Region in Team Roping. I joined the PRCA in 1989 heeling. In 2000, I switched ends & started heading. I have made the National Finals Rodeo 9 times as a header. In 2008, I reached a million dollars in the PCRA earnings. I am proud to be a Christian.
Born and raised in Abilene, TX, Lari Dee has won 11-consecutive AJRA world roping titles beginning at age 9. She attended Vernon Junior College where she won a NIRA National Championship, and then moved on to Texas Tech University where she won a second NIRA National Championship. Lari Dee has won numerous titles through the years since college. Some of her recent accomplishments are:

2012 WPRA Reserve Champion Header and Heeler
2012 Windy Ryon Champion Heeler
2012 TCRA Champion Breakaway Roper
2013 Wildfire All-Girl Champion Header
2013 WPRA World Champion Header
2014 WPRA All-Around World Champion

2x World Champion Team Roping Heeler, 3x WNFR Average Champion. Married to WPRA Barrel Racer Angie Meadors. From Iowa to Blanchard, Oklahoma.

2015 PRCA World Champion
2015 Cheyenne Frontier Days Team Roping Champion
2009 PRCA World Champion Heeler
2005 NIRA Champion Team Roper

As the son of world-champion team roper Mike Beers (1984), it’s no wonder header Brandon Beers would become a 4X State Champion Team Roper, named PRCA Rookie of the Year 2005, 2005 Resistol Rookie of the Year, and hold multiple NFR Qualifiers. Plus, Brandon and his teammate Jim Ross Cooper of Monument, New Mexico, placed third at the much-celebrated Bob Feist Invitational in Reno (June 2013).

Proud to be a Professional Rodeo Cowboy, Brandon lives in Powell Butte, Oregon with his wife Kimber and their new baby boy Baelor Leonard Beers, born April 26, 2015. He also sells roping cattle as a cattle broker for the Longview Ranch in Kimberly, Oregon, the same town where his grandparents have been cattle ranchers for years.

Team roper (header) JoJo LeMond was born September 26, 1982 in Roswell, New Mexico. JoJo joined the PRCA in 2002, but it was how he overcome such obstacles as a mild stroke and a rattlesnake bite in 2009, plus a fire at his ranch in West Texas a couple of years later, that makes JoJo the epitome of endurance.

A two-time competitor at the “Iron Man of Rodeo” Timed Event Championship in Guthrie, JoJo also holds two WNFR Qualifications, a DNCFR qualification (2009), two Tour Finale qualifications, and the 2008-2009 Championship. In 2010, for the third year in a row, he qualified for the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas; though his best finish was at the 2009 NFR, when he finished the year as the world’s fifth-ranked header in team roping.

Today, JoJo lives in Andrews, Texas, with his wife Blair and their three children. Though he’s given up his career as a full-time rodeo contestant, he still loves to rope and teaches every chance he gets.

A member of PRCA since 2003, heeler Travis Graves holds the 2013 PRCA World Title, and has qualified for WNFR five times (2008, 2010-13). Additional wins include Cody (Wyo.) Stampede, Clovis (Calif.) Rodeo, the Walker County Fair & Rodeo (Huntsville, Texas) and Butterfield Stage Days PRCA Rodeo (Bridgeport, Texas), with fellow Team Hesston teammate Kaleb Driggers, and the Tulsa (Okla.) State Fair PRCA Rodeo.

A native of Jay, Oklahoma, Travis says his dad was a team roper, so it was a sport he grew up with. In fact, he won the 2001 International Finals Youth Rodeo heeling title. Today, Travis and his wife, Tamika, (married June 11, 2005) have one son, Tee, born November 5, 2012.

Professional Highlights

2015 Highlights – with Aaron Tsinigine

Won Rounds 1, 3 and 10 and split the win in Round 6 at the Wrangler NFR
Won the Greeley (Colo.) Stampede
Won the Cody (Wyo.) Stampede, Wrangler MDT Gold Rodeo
Won the Caribou County Pair & Rodeo (Grace, Idaho)
Won the Lynden (Wash.) PRCA Rodeo
Won the St. George (Utah) Lions Dixie Roundup, with Tom Richards
Co-Champion at the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo (Castle Rock, Colo.), with Lane Ivy

2014: (Partner Aaron Tsinigine) Won the Big Sky ProRodeo Roundup (Great Falls, Mont.);the Lawton (Okla.) Rangers Rodeo and Montana’s Biggest Weekend (Dillon); co-champion at the Hugo (Okla.) PRCA Rodeo, with Tyler Waters. Finished 18th in the world standings with $53,828
2013: Won Round 5 of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with a time of 5.8 seconds and tied for the win in Round 2, with Charly Crawford; finished fifth in the average standings and ninth in the world with total earnings of $120,735. Won the Guymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo, with Charly Crawford. Won the Ram Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo (Waco), with Justin Van Davis. Co-champion at the Texas Stampede Rodeo (Allen, Texas), with Clayton Hass

Wife, Courtney (Ford); married Sept. 10, 2005.  In the off-season, helps run the family ranch and mare breeding program. He also gives roping lessons and trains horses.

A member of PRCA since 2001, header Chad Masters holds two world titles (2007, 2012), earned an RNCFR qualification in 2005, and has qualified for WNFR nine times (2003-04, 2006-12), including taking first in the 2012 Wrangler NFR.

Chad was born February 3, 1981, in Nashville, Tennessee, and currently resides about an hour northwest in Clarksville. As a toddler, he watched his father Bobby roping calves, and was soon swinging a rope too. With practice and dedication, Chad was a competitive team roper throughout his youth, and at age 15, added sporadic tie-down roping runs. In fact, he won the Tennessee State High School Rodeo championships in team roping from 1996-99 and tie-down roping in 1998-99. A few years later, moving into the PRCA was a natural progression.

Tyler Magnus is a member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, his unique style and patience has resulted in producing many great PRCA, AQHA, and APHA performance horses. Tyler has competed nine times at the National Finals Rodeo and won in 1995. He has also won the PRCA Texas Circuit Championship and the George Strait Team Roping Classic.

Tyler is equally competitive as a header or a heeler. He is a true master at teaching the skills of horsemanship and roping to beginners, as well as professionals. The host of ‘Roping and Riding with Tyler Magnus’ on RFD-TV, Tyler comes into your living room to sharpen your roping and horsemanship skills.

Team roping legend, Tee Woolman was inducted in 2004 into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

No one in ProRodeo history has qualified for more National Finals Rodeos and National Finals Steer Ropings than Tee Woolman of Llano, Texas. Thirty-seven and counting to be exact, as of 2003. Tee, short for TeeSquantee (Cherokee for “boys of the woods”) won his first of three world team roping titles as a rookie in 1980 with legend Leo Camarillo. A header, Woolman also owns four NFR aggregate titles, an NFSR aggregate crown and has won more than $2 million in the arena. World Championships: 3 (1980, 1982, 1991) Born December 4, 1956 in Vinita, Oklahoma.

Dakota Kirchenschlager made his first NFR by $3. He won the PRCA’s Resistol Rookie of the Year Award in 2011, and since then has qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and won the Wildfire Open to the World. Kirchenschlager brings a rodeo family perspective to his appearances on TotalTeamRoping.com.
Jake Long is a 4X qualifier to the National Finals Rodeo with many other accomplishments throughout his career. Jake’s professional resume includes 2010 George Strait Classic Team Roping Champion Heeler, plus big wins at Pendleton and St. Paul, OR.

Jake developed a love for roping early in life. Following in his family footsteps, rodeo became his life. He received his Bachelors Degree in Agribusiness from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where he excelled on the rodeo team. He is a passionate and determined competitor, as well a devoted husband and father.

Five-time National Finals Rodeo Qualifier, Nick Sartain placed in two rounds at 2010 National Finals Rodeo, won the 2011 Chisholm Trail Stampede PRCA Rodeo, the 2012 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, the 2013 National Western Stock Show and Rodeo, Round 4 at 2013 National Finals Rodeo and placed in four other rounds, won 2014 Tri-State Rodeo in Fort Madison, Indiana, the 2014 CINCH Fort Madison Shoot-out, Round 9 at 2014 National Finals Rodeo and placed in another event!

Born 1/27/1979, Nick is based in Dover, OK where his family shows halter horses in the AQHA and APHA.

Four-time world champion and inventor of the Smarty training machine, Allen received the inaugural Foster Friess Mentoring Award given by the ProRodeo Hall of Fame and Athletes in Action, 2006. Since his first World Championship in 1979, Allen Bach has been roping and winning with the best, including:

  • NFR team roping aggregate title
  • California Circuit team roping title
  • Five NFR rounds in a row in 1993
  • Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo in California
  • California Circuit team roping title
  • Summer Wrangler Pro Rodeo Tour

…and many many more, right up to the 75th Annual Brighton Field Day Festival & Rodeo in 2013.

Born 4/30/1957, Allen is married to Peggy, and has four children, April, Erica, Joel and Tyler.

21-time National Finals Qualifier, Rich Skelton has been racking up wins since the 90s, including Buc Days Pro Rodeo in Corpus Christi, Mesquite ProRodeo, Sonora Outlaw ProRodeo, Mandan Rodeo Days, National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver, National Finals, and the Tri-State Rodeo in Fort Madison, Indiana.

Rich recently won Round 9 at the 2014 National Finals Rodeo and placed in one other round. Rich lives in Llano, Texas with his wife, Rhonda and daughter Rainey.

Six-time NFR qualifier Luke Brown lives in Stephenville, Texas, with wife, Lacy, and daughter, Libby. At age 39, Brown is a career earner of well over $1 million. The former high school all-around champion topped the 2013 NFR aggregate heading for Martin Lucero, a title the team also earned in 2010. Luke is from Rock Hill, S.C. and was the 2008 Pendleton Round-Up Champion Header.

Luke was the 2009 Reserve World Champion Header, the 2010 WNFR Average Champion, and the 2012 Omaha Tour Finale champ.

Guest instructor, Patrick Smith, has won world titles in 2005 and 2010. Born 2/5/1980 in Midland, Texas, Patrick joined PRCA in 2003. Patrick lives in Lipan, Texas with his wife Christi and daughter Kylee Bree. Even though he didn’t start roping until 1998, Patrick has won $813,061.00 over his carreer, including 6 WNFR qualifications.

Patrick placed 1st at WNFR in 2008 and 12th in 2009. His World Standings place was 3rd in 2008 and 12th in 2009.

Clay Tryan has been getting billing as one of the three best headers to play the game. In 13 trips to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the cowboy from Billings, Mont., has won two world championships and broken several earnings and arena records.

Every member of his family has also competed at the Wrangler NFR. His father, Dennis, roped there in 1984. From 2003 through 2005, his barrel-racing mother, Terri Kaye, joined Clay and his brother Travis as the only mother-sons combination competing at rodeo’s Super Bowl. And in 2010, youngest brother Brady joined Clay and Travis as the first set of three brothers roping in Las Vegas together.

Our newest instructor also happens to be our youngest instructor. At only 27 years of age, Cesar has been taking the heeling part of team roping by storm with 4 NFR qualifications (he became a professional in ‘04) and has so far won over a half million dollars in PRCA career earnings. He earned his degree from Central Arizona College (Coolidge).

Cesar and his wife Arena currently reside in Tucson, Arizona. Arena is very active in rodeo sports as well. She shared the women’s all-around championship at the 2008 College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. Cesar actually started competing at 14 in Junior Rodeos. He didn’t have to look far for his original inspiration, he got involved in rodeo though his family with uncles George and Victor Aros and his grandfather, Vic Aros.

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