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We at TTR are here to make you a better roper. Over the years, TotalTeamRoping.com has added over 1,500 timeless instructional videos to its online team roping instructional video library, each one aimed at teaching headers and heelers what they are doing wrong… and what they are doing right. With color commentary and stunning slow motion, the TotalTeamRoping.com coaches give the professional’s perspective on everything from Horsemanship and Groundwork to Scoring and Body Position. You want to be a better roper? You are in the right place!

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‘With the many different world-class instructors, you’ll enjoy many different professional perspectives on both heading and heeling.

Really ready to improve your runs? TotalTeamRoping.com now offers personal One-on-One Video Coaching, where a pro will evaluate your runs and make suggestions to get you heading in the right direction.

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  • TTR members enjoy 24/7 access to over 1,500 timeless instructional videos
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When I started to work with Bret, he focused on working with my ability. He gave me a baseline. Now, I slow down to go faster, and I could not be happier with the results.
Dee Allen Woodward
I really like what you are doing and think this should do real good for you and the industry.
Bob Feist
I really just wanted to say thanks. I have gotten more from this website than any roping website I’ve seen. Totalteamroping.com is worth every penny and in the long run will save you a lot of money.
David Elkins
I am totally enjoing the TTR website and the instuction it provides. I am a retired veterinarian, and am still hoping to improve my game. Two weeks ago I won the Ontario Roping finals here in Ontario.
Pete, from Canada
TotalTeamRoping.com works. It works for me every time I rope, no matter if it is in the practice pen or at the World Series Roping Finals. I had FUN and I WON, but it’s not just about the money.
Randy Brooks

Meet Our Team

Bret Beach – Team Roping Champion

Bret, co-founder of TotalTeamRoping.com is a 3-time qualifier in the National Finals Rodeo, twice for Heading and once for Heeling. His Bob Fest Invitational win has been his favorite overall achievement.

Through his lifetime love of the Team Roping sport, Bret decided that training should be available to everyone. Normally, in order to train with the best, you go to a 2-3 day training school. Now, that knowledge can come to you over the internet so you can learn at your own pace, in your own environment, and at your own level. Not only that, but you can now train from ALL of the top instructors and World Champions in the sport.

Bret, currently living in Boerne, Texas, actually grew up in Gilbert, Arizona and has been competing as long as he can remember. His first competition was when he was 6 years old. 45 years later he is still humbled and gracious about all the professionals and competitors he knows and has made true friendships with over the years.

His boys are both featured as students in some of TTR’s first training videos. With Bret being an expert instructor in both heading/heeling, they don’t have far to go to get plenty of great advice! Now, we all know that every once in a while there is a break in the action and when that occurs Bret likes hunting deer and elk as well as fishing.

Charles Pogue – Team Roping Champion

Charles has been a Heading Pro since 1987. He has been a 3-time BFI Champion and has qualified for the NFR 15-times. He considers his Dad, Bill Pogue, to be his greatest influence.

Bill actually built an indoor arena in Ringling, Oklahoma, where Charles grew up and still lives. Growing up around rodeo all your life just makes it a natural for you to start young and Charles started working on his skills at the age of 8. Throughout high school and college he knew Team Roping was going to be his life-long passion and that’s been his focus ever since. Pogue is part of the Prairie Circuit, a PRCA circuit that covers Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

Pogue’s high level of mental focus is what makes him stand out as one of the Headers to watch and learn from. He’ll work on specific skills and hone in on how to improve each and every time he comes out of the chute. Like all of our instructors, his love of learning is a journey and he always continues to learn, improve, perfect, and pass his tips and techniques along to others. Charles always believes in challenging yourself, as much fundamentally as mentally.

Charles and his wife have two children. You’ll probably see both parents at any time cheering their kids on at their sporting events. The oldest may become a part of the Team Roping sport as well, according to Dad has started a little riding and roping , but time will only tell!

Charles actually interviewed for his bio while he was out elk hunting so it stands to reason that this is a major pastime when he’s not out Team Roping (he also enjoys mule deer hunting as well).

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