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Total Team Roping offers subscription-based team roping video training. What does that mean? That means once you join you have 24/7 VIP access to over 1,500 timeless instructional videos. In fact, we’ve delivered at least four videos per week since we started in the Fall of 2010 and there is no end in sight!

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This site is not for spectators! The first step is joining. Once you start watching videos, you’ll want to put these techniques to work right away.
Don’t try to cram it all in. Watch. Run. Watch. Run. Soon what you learn will become second nature.
Set Your Own Course
This isn’t a weekend roping clinic. Go at your own pace, concentrating on the areas where you want to improve, building real skills to last you a lifetime. Videos are neatly sorted into categories: Heading, Heeling, Pro Runs, Horse Care, Equipment, and more, but that’s not all!
Now You Can Get Specific
Once you click on the category of your choice, the videos will offer the specific subjects you’ll want to see including Scoring, Horse Position, Swing & Deliver, Handling Steers, Facing, Pro Runs, Ground Work, & Drills: Smarty, Heelo Matic, Logging and more.
Get World Class Expertise
Every video is narrated by a World Champion TTR Coach. Clay O’Brien Cooper, Charles Pogue, and Bret Beach talk you through each video, backing up and stopping the video where necessary and dropping into Total Slow Motion so you can see exactly what they are seeing.
Get Personal With Your Trainers
Need a professional opinion? Check out Instructor Q&A Arena in the Members Only area. Also, you can take full advantage of the personal video coaching and get a professional evaluation of your runs via One-on-One video Coaching.
Finally, Have Fun!
Even after years at TTR, we still find ourselves going deep into the video library, learning new things about the sport and about ourselves. We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoy bringing it to you, and welcome to the TTR family!
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